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Choose to work with the leader in world class market intelligence, so you are equipped to compete more effectively and grow into new opportunities, anywhere in the world - and to create more than twice as much business value*.

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) helps companies set up and develop market intelligence programs and provides strategic research, analysis and advisory for decision making.

Founded by a team of market intelligence specialists, management consultants, industry analysts and technology experts, GIA's cross-discipline and local market experience ensures GIA clients get to work with a reliable, trust-worthy and experienced business partner for any market intelligence need. With the proprietary knowledge we have developed over time, GIA clients make better business decisions that improve their bottom lines.

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Experience you can trust

  • Market intelligence best practices. GIA is the only company in the world with deep expertise of all aspects of how to set up and operate a corporate market intelligence program. Our case studies and thought leadership capture some of the experience and knowledge we have built up over the years.

  • High referral rate. 98% of GIA’s clients around the world say that they would recommend GIA.

  • Local market experts. GIA’s team of Research and Monitoring specialists on the ground in major markets and high growth economies serves over 40,000 end-users in more than 50 countries every day.
  • Track record. GIA has been advising successful international companies since 1995, based on a strict code of excellence, values and ethics.
  • Tested insights. All GIA recommendations are based on well-defined and validated intelligence. 

  • Proven tools and software. GIA's Intelligence Plaza competitive intelligence software is used by over 40,000 business users on a daily basis and is highly recommended by them.

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