GIA Launches First Intelligence Software to Offer Multi-channel Delivery Options

Intelligence Plaza®, an enterprise software that enables full control of the intelligence process, now offers users the choice of sharing information through RSS feeds or emails, a web user interface, mobile user interfaces or Microsoft SharePoint. Intelligence Plaza 7 is the first and only intelligence software that enables true multi-channel delivery of intelligence.

Developed by market intelligence and software specialists at Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), Intelligence Plaza 7 is based on proven Microsoft technology and is designed to allow busy executive and decision makers multiple access to intelligence systems via:

  • RSS feeds or emails - Every user can set up personalized alert profiles based on his or her preferred topics or type of content.
  • Web user interface - Users enjoy an easy-to-use web interface with Intelligence Plaza®. It offers a full range of features, including dashboards, search tools, trend analysis and graphing tools as well as collaboration capabilities through discussions boards, comments sites and ratings.

  • Mobile user interface - Users with smartphones or tablets can access personalized market and competitor intelligence.

  • Microsoft SharePoint - Users can also access and search the Intelligence Plaza® content through SharePoint.

Intelligence Plaza is designed with large and international companies in mind. As a result, the security, reliability and scalability of the new Intelligence Plaza 7 are top-notch. Many of the companies who use Intelligence Plaza, including some of the largest companies in the world, have done a technical audit to ensure that it meets their requirements. Intelligence Plaza has always passed these audits.

Intelligence Plaza can also be set up quickly, with the total cost of ownership of Intelligence Plaza being very reasonable. Intelligence Plaza makes day-to-day work more productive throughout the organization, as people spend less time searching information about their markets and their competitors,” said Aleksi Grym, Director, Products & Services.

Intelligence Plaza® currently serves 105 global organizations and more than 30,000 decision-makers worldwide. GIA is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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About Global Intelligence Alliance

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) is a strategic market intelligence and advisory group. GIA was formed in 1995 when a team of market intelligence specialists, management consultants, industry analysts and technology experts came together to build a powerful suite of customized solutions ranging from outsourced market monitoring services and software, to strategic analysis and advisory.

Today, we are the preferred partner for organizations seeking to understand, compete and grow in international markets. Our industry expertise and coverage of over 100 countries enables our customers to make better informed decisions worldwide.

About Intelligence Plaza®

Intelligence Plaza® is an enterprise software for managing the intelligence process. Developed by a team of market intelligence and software specialists, Intelligence Plaza is robust, secure and scalable and offers content management, tagging, searching, collaboration, feed management, web monitoring, dashboards, benchmarking, trend analysis and charting capabilities.