GIA White Paper Predicts the Future of Market Intelligence based on Global Survey Findings

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global strategic market intelligence and advisory group, launches its “MI Trends 2015 – The Future of Market Intelligence” White Paper, which forecasts developments in the global market intelligence domain over the next five years.

Based on findings from an online survey in May 2010 amongst 146 market intelligence executives from around the world, the trends identified in the White Paper also provide global businesses with insights into how to plan and budget their market intelligence activities.

The key trends identified include:

Scope of market intelligence
1. Customers, end users and competitors will be the change drivers of market intelligence programs.
2. Emerging markets present the biggest opportunities and will hence drive intelligence efforts.

1. There will be greater co-creation of intelligence between market intelligence and other teams.
2. Market intelligence will be further integrated into major business processes and decisions.
3. Social media tools will become part of the intelligence process.

1. Deliverables will be increasingly sophisticated and will include an increased level of future orientation.
2. More emphasis will be put on conclusions, provocative arguments and executive briefings on strategic topics.

1. There will be both centralization and decentralization in market intelligence organizations: Companies are increasingly looking to coordinate their intelligence program from the global HQ, while at the same time specific units are building their own intelligence efforts on top of the centrally provided foundation.
2. There will be a greater use of intelligence networks and expert teams (both fixed and virtual).
3. Non-core activities will be outsourced increasingly.


1. RSS feeds to desktop, free news aggregation and video webcasts will be more popular than ever.
2. Mobile devices will increasingly be used as tools for sharing intelligence.
3. Market intelligence will move towards more graphical approaches and dashboards, ensuring a high degree of visualization.

1. There will be higher levels of executive commitment to market intelligence.
2. Intelligence teams will be demonstrating the value of market intelligence on a daily basis.
3. There will be better internal branding of market intelligence and training of users.
4. Social media will pave the way for increased virtual collaboration.

With the trends and insights identified in the GIA “MI Trends 2015 – The Future of Market Intelligence” White Paper, growth-oriented companies are expected to have a better idea of how to direct their intelligence resources, what tools to develop, how to organize their intelligence function and what kinds of processes, deliverables and capabilities should be enhanced.

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* Market Intelligence or MI is the discipline whereby organizations systematically gather, process and analyze information from their operating environment to facilitate decision-making.

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