IPTV and 3D TV Confirmed as Greatest Opportunities for Asian Pay TV Operators

With almost all televisions sold soon becoming fully high-definition (HD) capable, better image quality will no longer be sufficient to entice consumers to purchase, or differentiate one offering from the next. Many Asian Pay TV operators are turning their attention to new technologies and services.

Asia’s Pay-TV industry players say new technologies such as IPTV and 3D TV offer the greatest untapped opportunity, according to the 2010 Asia-Pacific Pay TV Operators Survey jointly produced by Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global strategic market intelligence and advisory group, and ContentAsia, an Asia-based information resource designed for everyone in the entertainment. The survey polled 35 pay TV operators and platforms across 14 countries in the Asia Pacific.

A brief summary of Asia’s Pay-TV industry players’ views include:

  1. High Definition TV is reported to be the single biggest revenue opportunity. Over 50% of Asian pay TV operators now offer HD.
  2. Industry players are also looking towards new technologies including video-on-demand, 3D TV, direct-to-home Internet protocol TV (DTH IPTV) and new platforms for future subscriber growth and greater revenues.

  3. Almost one in three operators polled said they see TV, movie and video content distributed over the Internet – whether legally or illegally – as a threat to their future success. Piracy remains a key concern, especially in developing Southeast Asian markets

  4. Less than one in five operators see gaming as an area of future opportunity, and the jury is still out on mobile TV.

"Although no one disputes the inexorable march towards digital. For the moment more mature programmers aren’t going overboard on hyperbole over the benefits, and they remain deeply unsure about revenue models. Many say they don’t expect digital revenues to come anywhere near their traditional revenue in the next three to five years. That doesn’t mean they aren’t moving in that direction though. The digital question of the moment, then, is about balance – or, specifically, how far and fast to move into the future without jeopardising today’s business", said Janine Stein, Editorial Director at ContentAsia.

"With the advent of digital set-top boxes, it’s much more about picking and choosing these days. Audiences can be very selective about content and skip the advertising. Programmers and advertisers need to come to terms with this new reality", said Peter Read, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at Global Intelligence Alliance.

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About the 2010 Asia-Pacific Pay TV Operators Survey

Produced by Global Intelligence Alliance in cooperation with ContentAsia, the 2010 Asia-Pacific Pay TV Operators Survey polled senior managers at 35 operators in 14 countries across the region in July 2010. The objectives of the survey were to take the temperature of the pay TV industry at a time of enormous change, and to offer objective insights into the mindsets of the people and companies that have the biggest influence on TV channels’ businesses today – the region’s pay-TV operators.

The operators interviewed represent over 67.2 million subscribers, covering about 43% of the estimated universe of 154.9 million subscribers. The 14 (out of the 35) operators who agreed to be identified are listed below.

Australia: Foxtel
Brunei: Kristal Astro
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Broadband, TVB Pay Vision, Hong Kong Cable TV
India: Indusind
Japan: WOWOW, J:Com
Pakistan: Asia Media Group
Philippines: Southern Cablevision, Global Destiny
Singapore: Starhub
Taiwan: Wonderful Cable
Vietnam: Vietnam Cable TV